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    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Want to make your lover go wild? We have created a new dark chocolate, with six powerful libido-enhancing elixirs. The perfect mix of warm sensuality, distinct taste and satisfaction.

    Each pack contains six chocolate melts and each melt is lovingly crafted with six elixirs carefully chosen for your own unique libido boosting effect. The perfect way to spice up her chocolate cravings, or his!

    Why Choose?

    • Every woman dreams of a lover that knows how to love her best.
    • Loves her for who she is, not as she looks. Someone who keeps her wildest desires and deepest darkest desires satisfied.
    • This Lover’s Chocolate is a powerful elixir of arousal, desire and passion to help you reignite the romance and passion in your relationship with this seduction gift.

    Satisfied or your money back! You don't have anything to lose because all of our products are 100% guaranteed. If you're not satisfied, return within 30 days and we'll give your money back.

    Satisfaction guaranteed with this lovers’ chocolate. Made with 6 potent libido-enhancing elixirs and guaranteed to turn even the most indifferent of men into absolute nymphomaniacs, this is a must-order item for any cupboard!

    This box set contains libido enhancing elixirs to help you and your lover make love like never before. A trusted friend that knows how to discover and satisfy you both!

    Our Dark Chocolate Heart-Shaped Love Bites are a fun and delicious way to express your love. Each sweet is filled with a special elixir to increase heart strength, stamina and make you feel more loved.