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    Suppliment Highlights

    Made from powerful ingredients


    An incan and Peruvian aphrodisiac, Maca has been shown in clinical studies to improve sex drive, function and libido igniting benefits


    Cacao possesses L-arginine, an amino acid which is known to be an effective natural sex enhancer, It works by promoting the amount of blood flow and nitric oxide to your sexual organs as well as increase sensation, desire, and satisfaction. Bliss Bite is 70% cacao & vegan.


    Native to Central American, Mexico, South American, and the Caribbean. Damiana leaves have been used as an aphrodisiac and to boost sexual potency for sexual stimulation, and increased energy


    This Ayurvedic respected 'indian Ginseng' brings a unique harmony and performance to sexual organs.


    Fenugreek is a plant grown for its seeds, which are used to add a complex sweet flavor and aroma to food. Fenugreek powder is commonly added to Indian, Middle Eastern and South Asian cooking


    Saffron is a bright, fresh and lively fragrance that transforms your home into something truly beautiful. Saffron is the other half of our scent palette, contrasting beautifully with its partner Tranquility